A little bit about us

We are a husband and wife team who want to help busy people in Redding eat well. 


Recipes from home

We aren't cooking from our own kitchen anymore, but that's where we started! During our fourth month of marriage and our third year of ministry school, we realized that a lot of our friends needed help with meal prepping. So we decided to step in, and discovered we really enjoyed serving our community this way. We know there are people like you who are students, teachers, pastors, and professionals - just needing a helping hand with eating the right things at the right times. We do all the cooking so you can do the more important stuff on your to-do list. 


ingredients and meals we trust 

Our mission is simple: cook things for other people that we would want to eat ourselves. That means substantial proteins, healthy carbs, and vitamin-rich vegetables. Everything is hand-washed, hand-cut, and made with love and attention to detail - the same way it is in our own home kitchen. 


A clean and professional kitchen

We are proud to be partnered with Sizzle's Kitchen in downtown Redding. Cooking in an industry-standard and health department - approved facility ensures that all of our meals are not only delicious, but safe and responsibly prepared.